Wildlife Concerns

Removing nuisance animals

Do you have a concern about skunks, raccoons, rats or other nuisance animals on your property? The removal of nuisance wildlife from private property in Tillsonburg is the responsibility of the property owner.

Typically, nuisance wildlife is drawn to a property because there is a food source of some kind. If you eliminate the food source, the animal(s) may move on. 

Avoid intentional feeding

  • Bird feeders and fish ponds can encourage animals of all kinds to come to your property
  • Avoid putting out grain, seeds, nuts or other food 

Eliminate unintentional feeding

  • Ensure all garbage is in a tightly sealed container. Do not leave garbage bags outside
  • Keep pet food bowls indoors
  • Clean outdoor eating areas (picnic tables, BBQs etc.) after use
  • Follow best practices for locating and using a backyard composter

Helpful resources

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