Apply for a Permit

Step 2: Apply for a Permit

Once you've collected all the documentation you need, you can apply for a permit.

Applications are done online through CloudPermit. For help with the application process, please use our CloudPermit Getting Started guide. 

Apply on CloudPermit

In order to apply on CloudPermit, you will need to make an account. This account will allow you to keep track of what stage your permit is at in real time. You will receive emailed updates at various stages in the process and will know the moment that your permit is ready to be paid for and issued. 

The review process for a complete building permit application takes between seven to fifteen business days. If any documentation is missing or needs changes, you will receive comments from a building inspector on CloudPermit. You can submit any necessary changes or additional documents on CloudPermit. 

Once your permit has been reviewed, you will receive an email from CloudPermit to let you know that your permit is ready to be paid for. Once paid, we will issue your permit and make your permit documents available for you to print and place on site. You can then begin constructing your project.


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