Safety and Swim Standards

Swim and supervision standards for children

Our facility uses a coloured banding system recommended by the Board of Health to identify at-risk swimmers, and ensure adequate supervision ratios. If you are bringing children with you, please review the supervision requirements carefully before you arrive to avoid disappointment. 

Ages 5 and under

Children will receive a RED BAND and must be within arm's reach of a guardian (12 years or older) at all times, regardless of swimming ability. 

  • Children under the age of 5 may not be admitted to the swimming pool unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • One guardian will be required for every two children (1:2) 

Ages 6 to 9

Children must complete a Facility Swim Test. If they do not pass, they must stay within arm's reach of the guardian and wear a red band. 

  • One guardian will be required for every four children (1:4)
  • One guardian may supervise up to eight children (1:8) wearing lifejackets

Facility swim test

To pass the facility swim test, children must swim two widths of the pool, face in the water, without stopping while demonstrating a regular breathing pattern. If completed successfully the swimmer will receive a green band which allows them to swim independently of their guardian (12 years and older).

Who can ride the giant twister slide?

In order to ride the giant twister slide, you must...

  • Be at least 42"/1.1m tall
  • Be able to independently maintain a proper riding position throughout the entire ride
  • Have the ability to maintain a proper riding position when encountering strong acceleration and deceleration forces
  • Have sufficient strength to independently support your torso, neck and head through the ride
  • Listen to and abide by instructions provided by the attendant and operator

Do not ride if you have physical or medical concerns such as pregnancy or heart conditions. Individuals with neck or back problems are not permitted to ride.

Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted to ride.

Maximum weight for slide users is 250 lbs/113 kg.

Other health and safety considerations

Maintaining a safe, clean facility is our top priority.

  • Trained lifeguards are on duty at all times      
  • First-aid station and AED on site
  • Life jackets are available

Here's how you can help us keep Lake Lisgar Waterpark enjoyable for everyone.

  • No smoking is permitted inside Lake Lisgar Waterpark at any time
  • Take a thorough shower before entering or re-entering the pool
  • Use a swim diaper for children who are not potty trained.
  • Do not come to the pool if you are not feeling well 
  • Do not spit, spout water or otherwise pollute the pool or deck 
  • Do not bring any glass bottles or containers into the park
  • Do not bring pets to the Waterpark - service animals welcome
  • Tell staff if you notice an area that needs attention (garbage, washrooms etc.)

View a complete list of applicable provincial health regulations.

R-Zone Policy

The R Zone is a ZERO tolerance policy that applies to all Town of Tillsonburg buildings, facilities, programs, parks and trails. The goal of this policy is to promote a positive, safe and supportive environment for all members of the public and staff.

This policy enforces ZERO tolerance of:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Bullying
  • Inappropriate Language
  • Assault
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Disrespect
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