Winter Weather Reminders

The snowy season has arrived and that means it's time to do things a bit differently for a few months. Here are some tips to help make your winter season safe and hassle-free.

Recycling and Waste Collection

For the safety of your waste collector, never put your waste on top of a snowbank. Please place it on level ground.

Position all waste collection containers within 1 metre, or no more than 3 feet, from the roadway.

Keep sidewalks clear of waste containers for the safety of pedestrians and out of the way of any maintenance equipment, like plows.


Overnight Parking Restrictions

The Town's Traffic Bylaw prohibits overnight parking on all streets from November 15 - March 31, between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. This allows snowplow operators to safely and efficiently remove snow from local roadways. 


Snow Removal

According to the Highway Traffic Act and the Snow and Ice Removal Bylaw, residents may not deposit snow onto the roadway or sidewalk. When clearing snow, pile it on your property--not onto the sidewalk, road or across the road.

Sidewalks in the Downtown are governed by Town By-law 2189, where merchants are required to clear the sidewalk fronting their businesses.


Snowplow Safety

Snowplows are large vehicles and winter conditions can make it even more difficult for plow operators to see hazards. Always stay safe by moving to a location away from where the equipment is working. Do not assume the plow operator can see you.

  • Do not allow children to play on, build forts or tunnel in roadside snow banks
  • Never approach a snowplow, even when it has stopped
  • Keep a safe stopping distance between your vehicle and the snowplow
  • Never cut off a snowplow or pass on the right
  • Ensure that obstacles like hockey and basketball nets are stowed where they will not make effective snow removal more difficult, or result in damage to equipment.


To learn more about snow and ice control in the Town of Tillsonburg, including snow-clearing priorities, visit 

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