RZone Policy now in effect at all Town facilities

Anyone found violating the RZone Policy may be banned from all Town facilities

Please be advised that the RZone Policy is in effect at all Town indoor and outdoor facilities including:

  • Corporate Office
  • Council Chambers
  • Customer Service Centre
  • Airport
  • Annandale National Historic Site
  • Community Centre (including arenas, outdoor pad and pool)
  • Sports fields
  • Parks (including Skate Park and Pump Track)
  • Trails
  • Parking Lots

The RZone Policy applies to activities that are being conducted on the properties—both structured and unstructured, and to all patrons and guests.


What is RZone?

Individuals using Town facilities have a right to expect that others will behave in a manner consistent with a safe and positive environment in public spaces. With this right comes the responsibility to be accountable for actions/behaviours that put the safety of others at risk. 

The RZone Policy requires persons using a Town facility, park, program or service to respect others, and take responsibility in helping the Town maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all participants, spectators, patrons, volunteers and staff.

The aim of the RZone Policy is to ensure that measures are in place so that incidents of inappropriate behaviour, violence, indecency, or vandalism do not occur on Town properties. 

When incidents do occur, the RZone Policy helps to ensure that inappropriate behaviours are dealt with in an equitable and consistent manner.


What behaviour does the RZone Policy address?

The RZone Policy covers a wide range of inappropriate behaviours, including vandalism, harassment, violence and inappropriate use of technology.

The Town of Tillsonburg takes a zero tolerance approach to inappropriate behaviour, violence, indecency, hate speech and vandalism at all Town facilities and will take appropriate action where necessary to deal with these incidents.

Read the full policy


How is the RZone Policy enforced?

In accordance with the Occupiers’ Liability Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Trespass to Property Act, the Criminal Code, municipal by-laws and policies and other provincial legislation, contract holders and community volunteers are authorized to initiate enforcement options at Town of Tillsonburg programs and properties.

In the event that the contract holder or community volunteer cannot control the situation:

  1. When possible, Town of Tillsonburg facility staff will be asked for assistance; or
  2. In the event that Town of Tillsonburg facility staff are not available, the contract holder and/or community volunteer will contact the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for assistance.

Anyone found to be violating the RZone Policy may be suspended from all Town facilities, not just the facility where the incident took place. 


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