Large Item Collection Information

Have you heard? Oxford County is introducing an annual large item collection program in Tillsonburg. The town has been divided into three collection zones. View map to see when collection is happening in your area.

Zone 1 - Begins June 19
Zone 2 - Begins June 26
Zone 3 - Begins July 3

Only items that weigh less than 45 kg (100 lbs) will be collected.

Additional restrictions include:

  • no items that are eligible for a County recycling program
  • no glass, mirror or automotive parts
  • no items that can be broken down to fit into a garbage bag
  • no loose items on wagons, trailers or in boxes (including large number of smaller item

Non-eligible material will be left behind, and the homeowner will be responsible for removing it.

Please ensure your materials are set out by 7 a.m. the Monday of your collection week. Late materials will not be collected.

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