Fraudulent solicitation calls regarding water in Tillsonburg area

Please be advised that Tillsonburg residents are currently being targeted by telephone scammers claiming to be the “City of Tillsonburg Water Department.”

Neither the County of Oxford nor the Town of Tillsonburg are calling residents by telephone to arrange water inspections or check lines for lime buildup. Watermain flushing is also not being done at this time.

If a caller makes these claims and attempts to set up an inspection time in your home or place of business, hang up immediately.

“It’s most unfortunate that bad actors are trying to take advantage of residents at this time when water conservation is at the forefront of municipal messaging,” says Mayor Deb Gilvesy.

Level 2 water conservation restrictions remain in effect for Tillsonburg. Under the water restrictions, outdoor watering by hose, irrigation system or other attachment is being to one day a week, determined by address.

For tips on protecting yourself from fraud, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre  at

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